The missions have zero effect on the storyplot

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Successfully completing space missions will grant XP

The controls for space battles are quite obvious: Your mouse controls your ship's movement as well as the aim of the guns. Space bar does a barrel roll. Left-clicking fires your standard blasters, while holding along the right mouse button will allow that you "paint" nearly four targets of which missiles will likely be fired if your mouse button is released. Remember, however, which you only have a fixed number of missiles per mission, therefore it is often a good plan to use them only once needed at The objectives of the space mission vary, so you'll want to keep an eye on your mission.

Successfully completing space missions will grant XP along with currency which they can use to purchase further upgrades for ones ship. Upgrading your ship works much in the same manner as upgrading your individual gear does. Simply press C to look at your character panel, select the Ship tab in the bottom of the window, and right-click or drag-and-drop gear and get watching your simple transport vessel turn into a juggernaut of destruction.

But wait, how come we these space missions again? Well, mostly because hovering in space while blowing things into kingdom come is awesome. The missions have zero effect on the storyplot, they just don't provide any end-game-level gear (that I'm mindful of), and there is really not do except update your ship. So mostly, it is a fun time-killer to earn a certain amount of experience when you are tired from the daily grind. But hey, lasers and explosions! What more are you wanting?

The default UI settings in The Old Republic are better straight out in the box compared with most other new MMO launches, however for new players it’s still worth spending a short while tweaking some with the default settings to increase your gameplay experience. After extensive tweaking and testing from the various settings that may be adjusted with the in-game Preferences menu, we’ve compiled certain techniques and ideas to help save new players some with the guesswork, and find their UI setup quickly and easily.

The list below is way from exhaustive, but provides pointers on some with the biggest “quality of life” improvements you are able to make by simple toggle settings or sliders, or hidden gems in the game interface you will possibly not otherwise even realize existed.

All items below is usually accessed throughout the in-game Preferences menu. Simply hit the ‘Esc’ key, and select preferences through the menu options ESO gold . Once open, about the left hand side you’ll visit a list of categories as shown within the image to the best.