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4 Main Components of Marketing Information System (MIS) And how they apply on New business model.


Firstly A Marketing Information System (MIS) is a system that provides marketers with the data, information. And insights they need to determine the best strategies to maximize the performance of their business. And also MIS is composed of four main components: data sources, data analysis, data dissemination, and data utilization. This article will discuss each of these components and how they apply to new business models.

Data Sources

Data sources refer to the various sources from which marketers can obtain data. These sources can include primary data (such as customer surveys and focus groups) and secondary data (such as industry research and reports). In the context of a new business model, data sources should focus on the target market and potential customers. This includes researching the demographics, preferences, and behaviors of the target customers. Additionally, data sources should also include data relevant to the business, such as the competitive landscape, industry trends, and market research.

Data Analysis

More so Data analysis is the process of analyzing the data obtained from the data sources. This involves breaking down the data into smaller pieces and identifying patterns and trends. This analysis helps marketers to identify opportunities and develop strategies that can be applied to the new business model. For example, data analysis can be used to identify customer needs and preferences, study competitive behavior, and develop strategies that will help the business stand out from the competition.

Data Dissemination

Data dissemination is the process of sharing the data and insights obtained from the data sources and analysis with relevant stakeholders. This includes internal stakeholders, such as executives and other decision makers, as well as external stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers. This process helps ensure that everyone involved in the new business model is aware of the data and can use it to make informed decisions.

Data Utilization

In addition Data utilization is the process of using the data. And insights to develop strategies and tactics that support the success of the new business model. This includes developing marketing campaigns, creating product offerings, and developing pricing strategies. Additionally, data utilization can be used to monitor the performance of the business model. Track customer behavior, and identify areas of improvement.


Finally The four components of a Marketing Information System (MIS) form the foundation of any successful business model. Data sources provide the data and insights needed to develop strategies, data analysis helps to identify trends and opportunities. Data dissemination ensures that everyone involved is aware of the data. And data utilization ensures that the insights are utilized to maximize the performance of the business model.

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