How Technology is Changing the Car World

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It should come as no surprise that technology is changing the automotive industry.

It has, after all, had a significant impact on virtually all areas of modern life. You could argue that tech’s influence on the car world has been slightly slower than it has in other areas, but that’s likely only because of the safety standards that must be met. The ideas have always been there. It’s just that when it comes to cars, nothing can be left up to chance, and it must be a matter of evolution, not revolution. Today, we’re beginning to feel tech’s impact on the automotive industry, and it’s likely that things will only step up in the coming years. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few ways how.


1. Self-Driving Vehicles

There’ll be no bigger change in the coming years than the introduction of self-driving vehicles. Indeed, they’re already out there on select roads, though we really must emphasize the “select” part; there’s only a tiny proportion out there. The rise of autonomous vehicles will be the biggest transportation shift since the introduction of the vehicle all those years ago. Whether everyone is on board with the concept is another matter, of course. People do like driving, after all.


2. Lower Emissions

There have never been more people looking to own a vehicle than right now. And that’s great news for car manufacturers and great news for governments that collect road tax. But it’s bad news for the environment. More people on the roads mean more carbon emissions, which means accelerating climate change. And even the most moderate of scientists say that this would be extremely bad news. The rise of electric vehicles is intended to combat this issue. These are far from carbon-neutral, but they’re much better than their fossil fuel counterparts. Without a doubt, new technology is driving a shift toward low emission vehicles.


3. Buying and Selling

The ubiquitous nature of technology is affecting the way people buy and sell damaged vehicles, too, just as it is affecting how people buy and sell everything. Car transactions look a lot different from how they did twenty years ago when everything was much more local. Today, the world is open. If you’re looking to sell your car for the best price, you can place an ad online and reach many people that you could have had in the past. If the buyer is located on the other side of the country, then no problem, you can receive quotes to transport your car. Also, car review videos and websites have given greater power to consumers and forced car manufacturers to raise their standards.


4. Improved Safety

Finally, there’s the safety aspect. This remains the most important part of the vehicle. Technology has given rise to cameras that allow drivers to check what’s around them, as well as streamline driver accident claims, in the case of dash cams. There’s also increasing use of sensors that tell the driver when they’re drifting lanes and potentially going to have an accident.


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