Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed by the Foreign Digital Experts

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Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed by the Foreign Digital Experts

By creating content that catches your audience’s attention, you place capture points. Through them, the audience gets to your site, where you can offer her even more valuable information in exchange for contact information. Continue communication with retargeting and e-mail newsletters. Such an integrated approach significantly increases ROI, in contrast to the tactics of using mono-tools.

A full list of contact points can be found in the article “ 49 points of contact: a great journey from dating to purchase ”

Reuse successful content, post updates several times a day, and minimize advertising. You should not abuse content that requires the visitor to do more than just read the information. Have you designed you affiliate project on bespoke cms.

If you want to increase sales using Facebook, then you need to create a truly valuable offer. The mechanics of the purchase should not carry the need to perform any complex actions. I recommend paying attention to the Heyo Cart app. With it, your Facebook subscribers can simply leave a comment with the word “Buy” under the post, and the application will offer a simple form for placing an order directly on Facebook.

There are several key factors that influence Facebook ROI:

Targeting This is the most important. Are you trying to get the attention of existing customers? Or site visitors? Or strangers?

Form. Are you the person behind the company logo? Or are you recognizable? Users are more likely to respond to people than to brands.
Triggers How well do you lure your target audience into your commercial lair? Do you trust your brand?

Do you use CTA ?
Funnel. Not everyone is ready to buy from you right now. And this is important to understand. Focus on a long-term approach to sales. In addition to the commercial component of communication, also give value to the audience. Only after you earn the trust, you will be able to make a sale.