Using Phrases to Create Top-Notch Essays

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This blog is about Using Phrases to Create Top-Notch Essays

In light of my experience, the use of phrases in essays is essential to create a great impact on the write my essay. I used to write my essays without using phrases and realize that it is not as effective as it should be so I started writing an essay with suitable phrases and my grades improved a lot. And if you’re looking to improve your grades by writing a compelling essay then keep on reading this article.

Phrases used in essay writing to give general information

In order to:

If you want to explain an argument or want to give an explanation, you can start your sentences by using “in order to”. 

Example: In order to proceed further, we will discuss this chapter first. 

To put it another way:

It is used when you want to paper writing service or explain something differently to make your reader understand. Its use is similar to the use of “in other words”.


Plants need photosynthesis to live. To put it another way, they can die without the sun.

Plants need photosynthesis to live. In other words, they can die without the sun.

That is to say or that is:

Both phrases are used to give more details about the topic or to give precise knowledge about the topic. 


Fish are aquatic animals. That is to say, they can die on land.

Fish are aquatic animals. That is, they can die on land.

Phrases used to give additional information

In writing, we often make mistakes by using “and” repetitively. The recurrence of the same word in the essay leaves a bad impact on the reader. To give your argument without repetition, you can use some of the following clever tricks to make improvements in your essay writer


It is used at the start of the sentence to add more information to support the previously made up point.


Moreover, the outcome of the latest research is more authentic and valid than the previous one.


It is used to add extra but related information to the article.


Furthermore, you can conduct your research by viewing the methods of previous research.

What’s more:

The phrase “what’s more” is used in the same way as “moreover “and “furthermore”.


What’s more, this research can help you in supporting your….

Likewise and similarly: 

Likewise and similarly are used when you want to discuss the same topic but with the addition of more information into it. 


Scientist A believes in Y. Similarly, Scientist B gave valid reasoning in the support of scientist A’s research. 

Scientist A believes in Y. Likewise, Scientist B gave valid reasoning in the support of scientist A’s research.

Another key thing to remember:

Use this phrase instead of ‘also’. This phrase is used to introduce new facts about the topic.


Christopher Marlowe wrote a remarkable novel “Dr. Faustus” in which he incorporated the renaissance spirit. Another key thing to remember is that he wrote this novel during the renaissance era. 

Phrases used to give contrast

On the other hand

This is used for giving opposite interpretations of the same topic.


His disability, on the other hand, was considered as the reason for his failure. 


You can use this word when you need to introduce an opposing idea in the same sentence.


His essay was well written yet he lacks gripping writing skills.

The above-mentioned words can help you in improving your writing skills. But it is still recommended that you take the help of a professional essay writer for the first few times. Students with English as a second language are not familiar with the conventional phrases and idioms that native speakers use, and if they are enrolled in an English course, then they may find pay for essay.

In many cases, working with a professional helped many students polish their academic writing skills through collaboration with their assigned writers. These writers are very skillful in their work and can provide you quality work which can help you get through your course painlessly. 

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