Encrusting And Aligning Machine Runs Smoothly

The Encrusting And Aligning Machine consists of a rolling and filling machine and a kneading forming machine.


      The Encrusting And Aligning Machine consists of a rolling and filling machine and a kneading forming machine. Compared with the general Encrusting And Aligning Machine, the machine host integrates the rolling machine and the filling machine, which is more convenient to integrate the whole machine. Smooth. Encrusting And Aligning Machine adopts high-quality stainless steel for the entire unit in contact with food to ensure smooth, reliable and hygienic production.

   Features of Encrusting And Aligning Machine:

   1. Small footprint and light weight.

  2, Encrusting And Aligning Machine has a simple and compact structure, easy to clean and not easy to malfunction.

  3. The whole machine runs stably, with low noise during high-speed operation.

  4. The operation is safe and simple. The dough is from one to two or three, without the need to feed the noodles by hand.

  5. Encrusting And Aligning Machine has fast production speed and high efficiency, and each link is controlled by precision electronic control equipment.


  6. ​​The production process is smooth, and there will be no blockage, cracking, etc.


  7. All food-contact accessories meet the national food safety requirements.

   8. The surface of the Encrusting And Aligning Machine product is pressed into a blank by one pressing surface, two pressing surfaces hitting the pressing surface, three pressing surfaces smoothing and then pressing, step by step increase the rib and density, and improve the taste.

  9. The main control system of this machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, and the point control part is precisely controlled by imported photoelectric sensors, which has a high degree of automation.