What's the distinction between RS3 ironman and OSRS ironman mode

What's the distinction between RS3 ironman and OSRS ironman mode


I can relate to this feeling that the gods were those almighty beings back in the afternoon. Whereas since I've revisited it was disappointing to hear people are RS gold literally farming gods, I am not in end game so can't comment too much, but it simply doesn't feel appropriate. I adored (and lately re-love) RuneScape because it's so chill and you may just go and take the role as a very simple fisherman for a couple hours because you really feel like it. I really don't want to be the world slaughtering gods amongst hordes of other players/demigods' Dragonborn saviour. However, I'm probably older than the playerbase at this point. Perhaps the lucrative (younger?) Playerbase respond positive to the god complex thing, it's certainly the trend in MMOs.

I agree. While Guthix Sleeps is undoubtedly my RS3 pursuit, and you will find other era ones that I would like OSRS to do their spin on. The entrance into the 6th age, along with the World Wakes was when I lost interest in the quests. I honestly think that put me off RuneScape match more than the EoC. But, I must say I.

The entire purpose of the development of quests is that you advance toward something, like being a saviour etc.. And even with this aside, we're at this point in OSRS. We kill the fragment of a real GOD to rescue an whole racein MM2 we prevent a plot to ruin the entire world, I really could go on.

All these large grand master quests require us to be important to the storyline, otherwise there would not be any stage in the pursuit present, it'd only be endless exposition and cut scenes as we saw someone else solve the problem. And as for the whole gods becoming marginally less mysterious and all powerful it was bound to occur, the entire purpose of creating enigma and awe about these characters would be to finally utilise it in some way, it was only natural they would need to make something larger to take it's place afterwards.

What's the distinction between RS3 ironman and OSRS ironman mode?

I've got a 1900 complete ironman on OSRS. I really like RuneScape game but dont have that much fun using bosses. I am thinking about starting a RS3 ironman - but some of questing and the more boring grinds are putting me off. I also havent played RS3 in seven years. I was wondering what the difference are between the ironman modes? I know its vague but even some input explaining how crafting training/slayer differs between both (just as examples) may help persuade me to try it out. Is gearing up exactly the same? Like typically killing a buy OSRS gold boss X amount of times before you receive a drop?