Part II of the Guide to Starting a House Cleaning Business

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Once you've chosen to start a home cleaning service, you'll need to figure out how to obtain clients. Marketing and promotion are critical to achieving your goals.

Once you've chosen to start a home cleaning service, you'll need to figure out how to obtain clients. Marketing and promotion are critical to achieving your goals.

When it comes to advertising, there is one additional item to consider first. To clean a client's home, the customer allows you to enter their personal space, which is generally off-limits to strangers. You have to have a lot of faith in someone to allow them inside your home and stroll through every room with possible access to every drawer and box. This is something that home cleaning companies should be aware of, and they should respond to consumer concerns in kind. Check out licensing, insurance, and bonding for your company.

Insurance, Bonding, and a License

Becoming "licensed, bonded, and insured" is the first step in earning a customer's confidence. Get a business license from your state, county, and local government. The legal conditions for registering a company vary from one state to the next. Most states include the paperwork and information you need on their website. In certain places, you don't even have to leave your house to finish the registration procedure online.

Obtaining liability insurance is the next step. This kind of event may have far-reaching consequences that go well beyond the humiliation of reporting the damage to the homeowner. If you don't have insurance, you might lose everything. Customers benefit from insurance because it provides them with some degree of security. Even while everyone hopes it never comes to this, they know that you will be able to satisfy any responsibility claims that may arise. The average annual cost of liability insurance is $400.00. Depending on where you reside and the kind of your company, prices might vary greatly. Working with an independent insurance agent who can shop around for the best deal is a sensible move. Your liability insurance may be affected if you recruit employees.

Bonding provides an extra layer of protection. An independent bonding business or your insurance agent may be able to offer you bonding coverage. Bonding isn't insurance, and it's not the same. You should know that a bond for a single proprietorship with no workers or independent contractors is completely pointless in most cases. Businesses may benefit from employee bonding only if they are employing new employees.

In addition to being a terrific marketing tool, having a license, insurance, and bond differentiates you from your competition. Customers will see that you are serious about your company when you do this, and it might be the deciding factor in their decision to work with you.

Part III of The House Cleaning Business Startup Guide


Make sure everyone knows about it. Inform your relatives and acquaintances that you have opened your own cleaning company. Ask them to tell their colleagues and anybody else they come into contact with about the campaign. At this stage, getting your initial clients might be helped by personal recommendations. Take care of the first consumers you get. These consumers are the cornerstone of your business. In return, they may suggest you to their friends as a result of your treatment. Marketing through word of mouth has proven most effective for small firms. The power of "word of mouth" may propel your company forward while simultaneously lowering your marketing costs.

In addition to "word of mouth," I've previously discussed a business referral program. An even more advanced approach may help your company take flight. Introduce a referral scheme. Referral bonuses for consumers who bring in new customers should be paid out. Cash or free house cleaning services are two options.

Local town newspapers should take precedence over larger metro area publications when it comes to advertising. The cost will be significantly reduced. In the neighborhood where I live, a local newspaper is delivered to around 75,000 home consumers (not households). For roughly $95.00 each week, you may have an advertisement the size of a business card displayed in a prominent place. You don't have to use anything more than a classified ad database. These advertisements might cost anything from $10 to $45.00 each week. Consider a monthly or quarterly offer instead than a weekly one. Classified ads aren't the place to go overboard with details. Keep things simple and concise. For illustration's sake: "Housekeeping services at a reasonable cost.. There is no such thing as a minor task. Estimates are completely free of charge. (123)-555-1234"

Make advantage of your vehicle's good looks by putting up magnetic signs or decals. Don't bother reading on if you've got an old, decrepit car from the 1980s. By following a few simple guidelines, auto advertising may be quite successful. It must have a polished appearance. The message must be succinct and straightforward. Use caution while driving about with advertising for your company on your vehicle. Around $75.00 may be spent on magnetic signage. Prices for decals begin at around $25.00. For inspiration, have a look at other vehicles that prominently display advertising messages.

In my opinion, it is better to spend a little money on professional printing rather than printing flyers on your home computer. First, create a flyer. For a price estimate, contact a few nearby print shops. You may also want to check out online printers like At, you can get 1,000 (color-printed) flyers for $125.00 including delivery. Try to beat that on your laptop or desktop PC at home. Costs like paper, ink, labor, and equipment wear and tear are all increased by two or three times. How should the flyers be disseminated? Begin by posting fliers at grocery stores and coin laundries' bulletin boards. Ask local business owners whether they'd be willing to display the flyer someplace in their establishment (if appropriate).

Keep fliers off the windows of neighborhood businesses and grocery shops. You may be breaking the law or the consent of the property owner. Instead, spend the morning in residential neighborhoods, knocking on doors and handing out brochures (bring plenty of scotch tape). Additionally, you may knock on doors and hand out fliers to see if anybody is interested in learning more about your expansion into the neighborhood. Federal legislation prohibits mailers from being placed in mailboxes.

Have you ever come across those door hangers advertising products and services? In a sense, pre-printed door hangers are just another way to distribute fliers to neighbors' doors. As a convenience, they're already formed with a doorknob aperture, so you can quickly attach them to a doorknob as you pass. Talk to local print shops or search the Internet for the greatest deals. We're not endorsing a particular store, but we've seen door-hanger costs of $189.00 for 5,000.

Promotional Cards: Promotional cards may be a powerful marketing tool. Do some research on the Internet. and, for example, provide online tools to create your business cards. It's a good idea to have your business cards on hand at all times. Be aware that distributing business cards to a big number of individuals might be a little more time-consuming than distributing flyers.

A solid domain name and a professionally designed website are essential in the online world. Increasing numbers of consumers are using the internet to find service providers. Finding a trustworthy home cleaning service is only the beginning of the process. Additionally, including a URL for your website and an email address on your business cards makes a strong first impression. According to research, many working women spend their time at the office doing internet searches for household services. Purchase a yellow-page online ad for your business. It's still a good idea to put your company in the Yellow Pages. A listing on the Internet is becoming more popular than a paper one, and this will help you attract more consumers.

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