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I’m so excited to share today’s recipe – Bulgogi rice burger ! It is one of the signature fast food Korean dishes and some of you requested this recipe a while ago.Get more news about Rice Burger Forming,you can vist our website!

I can’t even remember when was the first time I had a Bulgogi rice burger. It feels like at least 10 years or so ago in a small corner of Lotteria (a Korean fast food chain equivalent to McDonalds in Korea). I ordered it because it was a new line of burger that just got introduced and I was naturally intrigued by the buns made with rice! Who wouldn’t be, right?!

In my faint memory, my experience was so so. Everything felt so artificial and frankly I couldn’t get used to the “rice bun thing”.

Fast forward to the present, look at me! I’m making Bulgogi rice burgers in my own home! And it feels real and tastes real! It was really good. I mean seriously good! I made this 8 times since last Monday! Well, it was partly because I was testing my recipe but nonetheless, it is an easy meal to prepare once you get the hang of making the rice bun without making it fall apart. ?

Bulgogi rice burgers are a great way to use up your leftover Bulgogi. This is definitely one of my favourite ways of enjoying it in a non-traditionally way, just like my Bulgogi spring rolls and Bulgogi taco bar recipe. Be sure to check these out if you love Bulgogi! Enjoy!
1. Make the Bulgogi burger sauce in a pan. – Pour the Bulgogi burger sauce in a heated pan and boil it over low heat for about 10 to 20 seconds. Add the thickening agent and stir well until the sauce is thickened. (The sauce thickens faster at a higher temperature.) Scoop out the sauce onto a plate and set aside.

2. Put the steamed rice into a large mixing bowl and add the rice seasoning sauce I. Mix them well and set aside.

3. Cover the rice bun mould with some food wrap. Fill the mould with the seasoned rice (from step 2.) and gently shape the rice bun by pressing it down to flatten it. The thickness of my rice bun was about 2 cm/0.8 inch. Gather the food wrap to cover the rice. Rest the rice bun for about 5 mins in the mould. Repeat step 3 for the remaining rice (until you make 3 more rice buns).

4. Take the shaped rice buns out from the mould (just lift the food wrap) and uncover the rice. Brush the top of the rice buns with rice seasoning sauce II. Grill the seasoned side on low heat until it’s lightly crusted. While it’s grilling brush the rice seasoning sauce II on top of the bun. Turn it over and grill until it’s lightly crusted. Move the bun onto some non-stick baking paper so that the rice doesn’t stick to the plate. You can also use this paper as a wrapper. (Place two rice buns on each non stick baking paper sheet.) Repeat this for the rest of the rice buns.