Is it possible that Runescape is experiencing a dip in popularity

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This is only one instance of the thought processes that Jagex's money-corrupted brain is going through each week RS Gold. There are a host of other terrible modifications to the quality of your life', such as the conversion of a great user interface into a crude cake tray made of Chrome. Google is negotiating an agreement at the expense of the game.

It was particularly frustrating to see the arrogant decision to change the appearance of every Armour set in the game. It is beyond my comprehension why they did this. Prior to this, it was neat and sweet. After, clunky.

I'm not going to forget the DEVOLUTION of Combat. We proclaimed this to be the best update to ever happen to the game, but for some reason we've lost a portion of our players... I'm wondering what the reason is. Who wouldn't want to play a combat mechanic which replicates World of Warcraft and the numerous other tab-targetable ability bars in MMO's?

RuneScape isn't the ideal format for such modifications. Recommendation to senior management - Make old School RuneScape an'rebirth'. It's currently pay-to-play play Buy Old School RuneScape Gold, but soon it should be open to free players and let history repeat itself as it did when RuneScape started out.

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