Get an Ornate Katana and a 90-day Runescape account

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Representatives of Insight venture Partners to rs07 fire cape Jagex representatives: We called this meeting about Jagex’s cash flow. We were convinced that your April 2010 "dungeoneeringupdate" would boost your share of this market. You were wrong to think that your cash flow has increased since April of this year. You had the chance. We'll make things in our own way.

Runescape declined a lot following that. Jagex introduced many new things to help runescape. Removal of Trade Limit and the return to the old Wilderness [without fixing the bot issue first]... leading to massive botting at dragons, all high-level trees, all ores, all fish spots, slayer areas, Sorceress' Garden, and so on.] (February 1, 2011,)

Get an Ornate Katana and a 90-day Runescape account (June 20, 2011). Jagex Loyalty Programme - June 28, 2011. Refer-a friend program, earn a 10% experience boost for one week. (August 18, 2011)

Now, I'm wishing that Runescape could have been saved by the dungeoneering. Jagex had hoped that Runescape's 25th skill would herald a new era of Runescape gameplay. If Runescape gained more players, maybe Insight Venture Partners would not have resigned from Runescape.

Fly on the wall watching the fateful IVP/Jagex 2010 meeting. Reps from Insight Venture Partner to Jagex The reason we held this meeting to discuss Jagex's cash flow. We believed that the April 2010 update, which included "dungeoneering" could increase your market share within the market for gamers. Your cash flow has not changed since April of this year. It was your time to buy runescape 3 gold shine. We're going our own way.

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