Full size food processors have the same features

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Food processor volume sizes are measured in cups and range from 3-4 cups to 14-20 cups

The food processor comes with various types of mugs for use in the restaurant kitchen or at home, from small 3-cup sizes to 20-cup versions. Depending on the capacity, the food processor comes in two basic sizes.

Mini Size - A mini size food processor like nutri ninja food processor has a small bowl capacity that can perform limited functions. For small families, this type of food processor is ideal for shredding, dicing, shredding, grazing, mixing, shredding and mashing.

Full Size - Full size food processors have the same features, but these types of devices are suitable for long operation. It also includes a large bowl that can handle large amounts of food. Thanks to the large bowl, you can always process more food at the same time. Food processor volume sizes are measured in cups and range from 3-4 cups to 14-20 cups. Second, the cup also depends on the size of the food processor. The bowls with maximum capacity food processors are used by professional cooks and large domestic kitchens. These two sizes of food processors work very well and offer the best service.

What should consider when buying a food processor?
Effective accessories
The accessory test result was a bit tricky. Breville is not as fine as Cuisinart, but it grates the Mozzarella cheese very well and has a piece of soft cheese attached to the lid. And I got some tomato slices from Breville Slicer, but the first two were crushed.

Breville is meant to be a staple in the kitchen, and due to its heavy weight, I don't want to move it often. At 15.9 pounds, it's a few pounds lighter than a quiz (18 pounds), but much heavier than an 8-pound Hamilton. The sturdy fabric helped stabilize Breville when handling dense fabrics and sturdy carrots, but it looks like an arm workout.

Engine power
The motor depends on the size of the food processor. Small and medium processors operate at 400-700 watts, large processors up to 1200 watts and more powerful. But it will last longer without the risk of the engine warming up.

The food processor food processor review has multiple blades and accessories because it can perform multiple functions simultaneously. S-shaped blades are used for crushing, stirring, cutting and crushing. Second, there are several disc-shaped accessories, each geared toward specific tasks like shredding and shredding. A plastic dough knife is perfect for kneading and mixing dough. Egg beaters are perfect for quickly whipping all kinds of desserts like creams, meringues, mousses, and souffles.

The juicer allows you to squeeze both citrus and hard fruits. In the first case, you can squeeze the fresh juice simply by pressing the top with a pestle, in the last case you have a blender. The food processor also has a spatula that can be used to pour food cleanly without getting your hands dirty.