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Having some few cents in your pocket send real boys away. I have faced several difficulties as a baby mama or sugar mama. Thank God for Thando Dating which comes to our rescue. Let me explain my issue and what i am looking for.


My general Information as a blesser sugar mama

Firstly I was born to a single mother in Standon. She acquired me a big company and unfortunately she sacummbed to cancer and died. I lost all hope and continue with my our business despite facing challenges. Later during the way I married a White guy again he died. Those who died left a lot of businesses and cash which I am using with my 2 children.


Why I come on Thando Dating as a Sugar mama


Initially I thot it could be hard but I gathered courage and come out to tell the world that I am single and I am available on the market. The very best I am looking for Is just a man who is ready to take over as a father. Someone who can manage all what we have despite age


Which locations would I prefer

Firstly I need people from Standorn or those who are around Johannesburg. Moreso if you are near or far you must be ready to come and stay with me. I am not looking for a gold digger but I prefer a real man.

In addition to the above they are several sites which can offer real dating like THANDO DATING which among others are DATING WITH BOUNCER and OPRA MIXES. However i chose this site because of privacy concerns.


How to get in touch with me

As you understand being a blesser or sugar mama you need some form of privacy. I cant share my email but my whatsapp number. If i get what I want I will block the number

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