Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in New World!

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Cross Current explains everything you need to know about Fishing in New World. Fishing is a profession utilized as “gathering” for many other Refining and Crafting professions.

Hey, what’s up, everybody is crosscurrent. Today I’m giving you a guide to fishing in New World. Now in New World, I really like the fishing mechanics. And I feel like I should share with you guys so you know how to best utilize that in the game. Now to start off, you’re gonna want to craft a rod crafting a basic rod is extremely simple, you just would need a campfire. So typically you’ll press Y away from a landmark place on the ground, you’ll need five wood one flip to make that campfire, one step away from it, you go to the fire, press E and you can go to the fishing rod which should cost only one wood and one fiber both which are extremely easy to find. You then can use that rod for a very long time and later on, I’ll bring out how to make a better rod.
Now when you’re looking for fishing spire, gonna open the map and show fish icon with stars from one to three.

Now, to find these areas, you’re gonna, you gotta walk to the area and it’ll pop up and tell you a new location it’s discovered, you can’t just find it without doing that. And not every single body of water is a fishing spot. Also, before you start fishing, you’re going to want to find bait. Now, a lot of the basic bait you can find just by searching through bushes, but it is a random poll, so you’re not always going to get exactly what you want from a bush. You’re just gonna get mainly wood and after apparently 50 or so tries to get a couple of woodlouse bait. Now, the main beta is adjust, especially for Clearwater fishing, which Clearwater fishing is ideal early game, you’re gonna want to look for bull rush bull rush is found in certain locations. I found it near Clearwater areas, but it has a very high boost to your catching a fish.

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