Getting the School Year off to a Good Start is Easier than you Think

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Getting the School Year off to a Good Start is Easier than you Think

Get the school year off to a good start

The start of the school year this year is special because of the covid-19 and the health protocol that the virus induces. Teachers are preparing as best they can, in a context where anxieties and uncertainties still persist. In addition, they prepare benevolent activities to welcome their students. They should also look for methods to facilitate learning, innovative techniques to capture students' attention, and tips for managing the classroom well. In other words, back to school is the perfect time to make new decisions, because the beginning is the most important part of the job.

So to get there, here are 11 simple tips to start the school year off right:

1. Welcome your students
It's a great time for the students. They line up in front of the class where the teacher will come to welcome them. The teacher calls each student with their first name, with a smile and sometimes with a hug. He can also interact with them by asking them how they spent their vacation. The warm and caring welcome is a good way to integrate them into the group and to break down barriers. This shows that there is no judgment on the part of the teacher towards his students, regardless of their gender, social background… etc. In addition, the way students are received in class influences their level of engagement and their behavior.

And then, nothing prevents each day from choosing a student to play the role of "reception agent". He comes to greet his comrades by giving them a handshake. Moreover, this routine is so popular that everyone wants to be the one who greets others the next day.

2. Games to get to know each other
These games allow you to get to know each other and introduce yourself. They help everyone to introduce themselves, to discover others and to remember their first names in a fun way. They also help to “break the ice” and create a classroom atmosphere from the start of the school year. Among these games : the circle of first names, the Chinese portrait, the identity card, the spider's web….

3. Share words of wisdom
Using quotes is an easy way to inspire students. So, while you have "free" time, choose a list of quotes to help your students. These quotes can be used in different ways:

At the start of a course.
Have students copy it to improve their writing.
Start a new unit with a discussion of one or more quotes on the same topic.

4. Make a "wall of glory"
Use small cards to write the names of your students, then put them on a poster board. At the start of the year, each student brings a photo of their favorite character, favorite animal, or something important to them. Afterwards, he must discuss with his comrades to explain his choice to them. It can help them to take responsibility for their choices in front of their friends, and to feel better in the classroom, because they will have a memory of a person or an object that they like in the room. Plus, it's a great way to break the ice with new students.

5. Don't forget "the class charter"
Make a poster reminding you of the goals to be achieved and the rules of your class. In every classroom, there should be clearly defined rules visible to the students. In addition, you can view the rules that your students must follow. Make interesting and colorful posters that will blend in well with the classroom decor.