Storyline Elements Covered in Narrative Essays

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This blog is about Story-line Elements Covered in Narrative Essays

Confused over whether your narrative write my essay meets all the requirements? Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. A narrative essay is typically a five-paragraph essay built around a central point in which all characters, incidents, and actions occur around it. In simpler words, a narrative essay is similar to story writing. It allows the writer to be creative. A story writing task with minimal restrictions may be easy but writing an impressive narrative essay, requires much focus, practice, and patience.

The biggest mistake students make is that they either neglect an element of the storyline or even completely forget it. If your teacher has given you an assignment, which is to write a narrative essay, don’t worry. Just go through all the storyline elements that need to be covered normally in a narrative essay. We are sharing the basic seven elements with some tips so that you can write an amazing write my essay for me.


A narrative essay is like a story and what’s a story without a plot? Boring! In simplest words, a plot is a sequence of different incidents that shape the story. It includes all necessary parts of the essay including the background, conflict, climax, and conclusion. It is not possible to bring out a good narrative essay without it. You can choose an interesting plot like an individual fighting against society or another individual. You can utilize the plot to map out your story before you begin writing.


The next most important thing to a narrative essay is its characters. Mostly the narrative essays are based around the characters. Study all types of characters before you start planning out the characters of your essay. The characters will either make or break your essay. For guidance, you can view the paper writing service online available online, because a model paper will help you understand even better. After you have decided on the characters and their course of action, don’t forget to provide their background and description in the essay. Many writers don’t give importance to providing a background or description and due to this, the reader is unable to grasp the idea of the writer. No one will know why a character did what it did until you describe it. With this information, you can add even more flair to the story.

Setting an atmosphere

If you have described the main plot and the characters what is the need for setting an atmosphere…? Many must be wondering. Let us tell. Setting an atmosphere will let your reader know exactly what you have in mind. For example, you write about ‘an astronaut panicking in the spaceship because of some technical failure’ and don’t mention that he ‘felt extremely lonely’ or space was ‘too dark’. The reader will know that the astronaut faced issues but without the atmosphere built, the story will not be as captivating. So, make sure you add some details in every new scene.


An established theme for the narrative essay will let the reader understand what he or she is about to read. If the theme is clear prior to reading, the readers will take even more interest. 

Point of view

All of the essays contain a specific point of view. Without specifying the point of view in the narrative essay, the story will be just lost. The point of view of the story depends upon the message and the conclusion of the story. 


The best way to make your essay memorable for the readers, is to use symbolism. It helps to layer the meaning within the context and keep the reader interested. 


The conflict adds all the fun to the reading. It affects the actions of the characters, develops the story and leads to the climax. But before introducing the conflict, make sure that it is impactful. Some writers add the conflict, but it is either too complex or a custom essay writer.

We have discussed the key elements, and all of these should be included in the narrative essay. While writing the essay, you can be as creative as you like but don’t forget any of these elements. Readers will only enjoy your narrative essay when they understand it the way you intended. 

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