Standard Structure to Write an Interesting Argumentative Essay

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This blog is about Standard Structure to Write an Interesting Argumentative Essay

Are you worried about your essay assignment? Did you get an argumentative essay as your next academic task? Don’t know how to write my essay an excellent argumentative essay? If yes, then don’t worry because you are in the correct place. Here you will get information regarding the standard structure of argumentative essay. You can acquire complete information about argumentative essay writing to secure your grades.

An argumentative essay is similar to any other genre of the essay but it follows formal structure, format, and tone. You cannot write this essay informally. In addition, information should be added in a systematic way. Below is the standard structure and some important points that will help you to complete your essay.


The very first section for an argumentative essay is the introduction. In this section, general information is added to write essay for me and develop the interest of the audience. In addition, your aim and expected outcome should also be added in the introductory paragraph. The following elements should be added in an introduction section.


This is the starting of the essay. You cannot start an essay directly from inserting the information about the topic. The interest of the readers is the most important thing. Therefore, always make an interesting starting for your essay through hooks. Hook can be a quote, story, or question that will make readers curious about the essay.


Many students are unable to write an essay due to poor knowledge about essay writing and take help from an essay writer available online. This is because the information should be inserted logically and in the relevant section. For instance, the background of the topic must be added after the hook. It gives general knowledge about the topic to the readers. Readers should get an understanding of what the essay is about and why it is important for them. Therefore, add all important information about the topic in a way that helps you to write my paper and indicate your purpose of the work.

Thesis statement

This is the key factor of any essay because the thesis statement explains why the author selects a certain topic and what he wants to explain. A thesis statement should precisely explain the goal of the writer and the possible outcome. It comes at the end of the first introductory paragraph.


After the introduction, the body section is added. In this section, the following elements should be addressed.


From the name of the essay that is an argumentative essay, you can understand that arguments are a basic requirement of the essay. There should be a base argument that should be added in the introduction section. In addition, multiple arguments are required to prove the base argument. It means you raise a question or give a statement, and through arguments, you explain to pay someone to write my paper. Each paragraph should be started with a new argument.

Evidence and Explanation

Once you generate multiple arguments now it’s time to explain it with the help of evidence. Evidence can be the work of someone else, statistical data or facts. In addition, examples are crucial to give a clear explanation of the arguments.

Opponent’s Claims

After proving your argument you have to give evidence to reject the claims of the opponent. It means you just can’t discuss what you think is right. You have to give an explanation of why opposing views are wrong. It increases the reliability of the essay.


This is the last section that helps you to close your essay. Closing of the essay should not be boring so summarize all important points of the introductory and body section. Rewrite your thesis statement and do not forget to add why the essay is important for the transition words and phrases. In addition, you can add a question in the end for future work.

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