I believe since they would have the ability to discharge more cards

I believe since they would have the ability to discharge more cards


Cant 2k have servers? Like deadass. I have great internet but nevertheless every game is laggy and delayed. You really have to release your shot differently because of the delay. I dont play online games. And I would really like to do that. Like what is it in 2K21 MT tech terms. Games dont play like this. Why does it occur year after year? Can we get committed servers or something? That is one of my most important concerns with 2k each year. My career online suggestion: please patch lockdowns with hall of fame interceptor from stealing it off the inbound person ( when I am the one stuck in position from the inbound when I evaluate or anything, the lockdown aka my man can steal it out of me even though he's stuck in place only cuz he has HOF interceptor).

I mainly play with myteam cause I think that the park is one of the worst elements of this game. To fix myteam would be quite so simple. Tiered choices. I personally do not wish to play with or against opals and pink diamonds, so there should be an infinite mode for every tier, and if you win a certain amount of games you get a participant from the grade above (change them monthly or have an amethyst player package as the reward to the Ruby tier for example), this would reward players for playing the sport without even punishing people who don't wish to spend money on packs. Reduced teams that are tiered would also open up to make the game at precisely the same time encourage their participant collection to expand and a whole lot more diverse whilst keeping them aggressive. Each tier might have there have leaderboard too.

Remove to alter settings that are offensive and defensive even the ability to choose the play that is called. The mix of participant chosen should controls this, coach chosen and playbook. I believe this will lead to all sorts of staff builds for certain play styles. The problem with 2k for years has been lose or play with the META. Allow us to create and save lineups before we"begin" the game. This should be self explanatory but essentially we shouldn't need to alter.

Maintain position locks, but also make it more inflexible. I believe the greatest example is 2k appear to just give a place based on height to players. This ought to be based off what the players actually have played. A good instance of this could be a durant could play SG and SF but he wouldn't be as a prime durant who would play SF or PF. They could launch a PG giannis however he would not be. That is it. Game mode?? that is mended. Non of them would require any match engine changes since they are just simple limitations. They would like to compare it they ought to look at the balancing of trading card games. I believe since they would have the ability to discharge more cards, such as cards of the player with either position or a Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins different tier, that this would benefit 2k.