My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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I find that nursing is an integral part of the healthcare system. It includes health promotion, illness and disease prevention, as well as mental and physical care in various settings.

In addition, nursing can be defined as the protection and promotion of health and abilities, injury and illness prevention, healing facilitation, and suffering alleviation through the human response diagnosis and treatment, as well as care advocacy related to the individuals, groups, families, and communities. I am convinced that the main aim of nursing is to help people stay healthy, promote their healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as prevent illnesses. Nursing effectiveness and success are closely related to the nurses’ desire to sacrifice for the sake of others, support people, be respectful, and show human dignity. Clear and concise nursing philosophy ensures success in the nursing practice. Hence, my personal philosophy of nursing helps me realize the nature of nursing, provide effective patient care, and create a stable basis for the effective nursing practice and activities.

Philosophy is a comprehensive system with the ideas about the essence of human nature. It is a guide that addresses human existence and relationships. I find that nursing philosophy is a system of ideas associated with the essence of human health and human nature in general that is interrelated with the people’s relationship, their well-being, and existence. This system deals with the nursing profession, its success, values, and beliefs, as well as provides a sturdy nursing activity basis. Hence, effective philosophy of nursing enables nurses to be successful mediators between doctors, patients, and people involved in the treatment process, as well as provides a proper understanding of the key nursing beliefs, principles, and values.

Moreover, philosphy is a good way of dealing with the essential healthcare questions and providing clarity to any related issues. Philosophical influences have been integrated into my philosophy through the realization of the aspects of health, education, person, environment, nursing practice, and research. I am sure that the state of health shows people’s illnesses. It is also a reflection of the human balance between the mind, body, and soul. Philosophy has enabled me to understand that the concept of health is a combination of psychological, cultural, spiritual, and other dimensions. Moreover, I have become convinced that nurses should provide high-quality care regardless of the environment. A nurse should combine a set of personal, physical, and social dimensions, being capable of successfully existing in a family, group, or community. People make decisions related to theit health, values, beliefs, worldviews, and health care needs. Philosophy has provided me with an opportunity to realize that nursing is both art and science since effective treatment is a skillful combination of both aspects. At the same time, the practice of nursing is the activity of problem-solving and various interactions of health care professionals. Therefore, I am convinced that nursing practice should be based on the professional competence, skills, knowledge, and critical thinking. However, education and research are inevitable parts of any profession in the field of healthcare. Constant development and improvement of professional skills are vital for the success of any professional nurse. In addition, nursing research provides support of the nursing practice actions, treatment options, and measures.

The readings and discussions have enabled me to learn more about the practice of nursing. Hence, I have become convinced that nursing presupposes the use of multiple principles that should be effectively used to provide the best possible care. First, it is essential to treat everyone with humanity and dignity, understand people’s needs, show sensitivity, and compassion. Second, nurses should do their best to meet the patients’ requirements. Third, it is vital to manage risk and help people feel safe in the health care settings. Fourth, a nurse has to help patients, their families, carers, and other people involved in the treatment process to make informed choices about their care and possible treatment options. Fifth, nurses are in the center of the communication process as they record and report care and treatment, assess and handle information, as well as deal with complaints. Sixth, nurses should possess up-to-date knowledge, proper skills, and use their insight, understanding, and intelligence to fulfill the needs of each individual. Seventh, nursing staff should work in close collaboration with other professionals. Therefore, they should make sure that the treatment and care provided to patients are coordinated, professional, and of high quality. Finally, nurses play an essential role in the health care setting as they impact the way care is given.

Thus, philosophy plays a significant role in the nursing practice as a qualified and proficient nurse should have a clearly defined professional philosophy. My nursing philosophy has been formed through the philosophical influences that enabled me to understand key aspects, values, and beliefs of nursing. It is the basis of the realization of nursing nature, successful and effective patient care and nursing practice. Moreover, the statement of nursing philosophy enables me to articulate my position on essential issues related to the nursing field, as well as develop my position on the interrelated issues, including daily practice, collaboration, care, and professional development. I use my nursing philosophy as a guideline to conduct myself as a professional nurse. A skillful combination of the nursing practice principles results in the positive health-related outcomes.

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